Seal Trips

Booking these trips is strongly recommended.

All seal trip companies will take you out to Blakeney Harbour, with fully qualified crew on board able to share their local knowledge with you. The seals, both Common and Grey will normally be basking on the end of Blakeney Point. We guarantee you will always see some seals ā€“ as the colony is made up of around 500 Common & Grey seals.

Norfolk mostly has common seals in the summer months, who arrive at Blakeney Point to have their pups. The pups start arriving about June, and will continue through until the end of August. The Grey seals have their pups in the months of November and December, so Christmas is a good time for viewing if you wrap up warm!

They are very inquisitive animals and will often swim around the boats. This is a perfect time for photographs, so don’t forget your camera! Grey seals are the larger of the 2 species and have large speckles on their coats and longer pointed head with parallel nostrils. The common seals have a more rounded face with ‘v’™ shaped nostrils.

You will also get the chance to land you on Blakeney Point when the tide allows, and walk up to the old Lifeboat house which is now an information centre owned by the National Trust.

Blakeney Point is also famous for its bird life. Its most popular summer visitors are the terns – mainly Common, Sandwich and Little Terns and, quite often, also Arctic Terns. Many of them begin to arrive from West Africa during mid-April and breed into the season. They make a small scrape in the shingle where they lay their eggs. After hatching, the chicks can be seen running along the shoreline near the seals. You will be able to get a good view of them from the boat as well as of the other various shorebirds: Oyster Catcher, Ringed Plover, Turnstone, and Dunlin to name but a few.

The trip is a unique experience for all ages – a rare opportunity to visit wildlife in its natural surroundings. No specialist clothing is required just an extra jumper or fleece against the sea breeze!!!!

The following companies operate seal tours on the North Norfolk coast.

Bean’s Boat Trips Blakeney
Temples Seat Trips – Blakeney Point
Bishops Boat Seal Trips 

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